Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Warrior Heir

The Warrior Heir
Cinda Williams Chima

Hyperion Paperbacks
February 2007
ages 9 - 12
448 pages (trade size)

Jack had heart surgery when he was a baby and must take medicine everyday for the rest of his life or he will die, so he & his mother were told by the London Specialist flown to Ohio just for him. Except, one day when Jack is 16, he forgets. And he's never felt better! Stronger, fiercer and more confident than ever before. Then he loses control and almost kills another player during soccer try-outs, never mind that the kid is a bully.

One forgetful moment leads him into a world of waring wizards intend on capturing him to use in a tournament. A tournament to the death to decide the next ruler of the Council.

Jack is one of the last warriors left and the two strongest fractions are looking for him, dead or alive.

This book throws some history at you but it is a delightful read. A classic good vs evil but sometimes you can't tell who is on which team!

Glad a read it? YES, will I read the next? Already ordered.

The Wizard Heir & The Dragon Heir follow

review at my blog has cover picture

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