Friday, January 30, 2009

Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey (10/81)

C2001 148pages 4stars

I'm not sure whether it was Amazon or LibraryThing that recommended this book to me. It has excellent reviews on Amazon so I added it to my BookMooch wishlist and was surprised when it became available so quickly. And the timing could not be better as mid-winter is always the period when I get the most annoyed with my hair and want to chop it all off. This book fits nicely into my Self Improvement category.

This handbook for women with naturally curly hair is written by Lorraine Massey, founder and co-owner of Devachan salon in New York. I can think of no better person to write it than a fellow 'sufferer'. She holds nothing back, even publishing pictures of herself during 'bad hair' days.
Massey gives advice for three types of curly hair; how to care for it, cut it and style it. But the book is so much more than that. The subtitle is: A Celebration of Curls and it is just that. This book is full of pictures of women-next-door and their reformed manes. By the end of the book I was inspired and proud of my hair. How could I ever think of lobbing it all off? This book really was a mood-lifter for me. I will definitely try some of her techniques. I wish this book had been available to me 25 years ago. I recommend it to all Curly Girls.

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