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The Shack by William P. Young (2/81)

The Shack by William P. Young
Category: Recommended Reads or New to Me Authors

Mack hasn't been the same ever since his youngest daughter, Missy, was kidnapped during a camping trip he took with three of his children. Her body was never found but the trail ended at a shack in the woods. Now he's received a note asking him to go to this shack, and it's signed "Papa." As this is his wife's favorite name for God, this seems like some sort of cruel joke. But when Mack decides to take the trip, his life will never be the same.

At first I wasn't sure if I liked the book or not. The book is a very emotional, internal read. Not much happens in terms of plot; we're mostly along with Mack during a series of conversations and interactions. Some of the conversations seemed a little transparent and heavy-handed at times, a little bit of God-explains-it-all while Mack listens or reacts. But to my surprise, it resonated for a long time afterward. I would recommend it for those who enjoy inspirational fiction. 4 stars.

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