Thursday, January 8, 2009

My First!

(Review copies directly from my LT review)

Jane Eyre: Original Text (Graphic Novel) by Charlotte Bronte

So there is an easy and entertaining way to read a classical, Victorian novel in one evening! I knew it!

I've read a number of Bronte books, as well as a great deal of novels from that time period - it takes patience and time, but it's nearly always worth the effort. The quandary of my life was the inability to read Jane Eyre from cover to cover. Well, it didn't help that I'd seen a television adaptation a while back - the ultimate spoiler.

Here is a solution for the spoiled and the impatient. It's also a good middle ground for people like me, who actually finds it more difficult to read most graphic novels than long, ponderous, classical ones. It was easy to follow the dialogue, even in Original Text (some of the "Classical Comics" are written in Quick Text and Plain Text, which is even easier for modern readers). The artwork was gorgeous, and just fanciful enough for Charlotte Bronte herself to approve of. I look forward to reading (and looking at) more of these adaptations. Shakespeare should be good.

By the way, Jane Eyre is about a girl from a sad upbringing who becomes a governess and forms an attachment to the man of the house. There's madwomen and fires, and inheritances. Fantastic.

Four out of Five Stars

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