Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heart of Stone by C.E. Murphy (6/81)

C2007 438pages 4.5 stars

Margrit Knight is a lawyer in New York City. One evening she is approached by a strange man named Alban who claims to need her help. He believes he is under suspicion for the murders of several women in Central Park but he can’t go to the police and clear his name because of his condition. Alban is a gargoyle, one of the Old Races. Margrit helps Alban avoid the detectives that are pursuing him, including her on/off boyfriend. As she searches for the truth behind the killings she becomes entangled in the affairs between a Vampire and a Dragon, helps a Selkie whose pelt has been stolen and has a run-in with a really nasty Djinn. And that’s not even the worst of her troubles.

I chose this one for my Monster Mash category. I love this kind of stuff, so it was my reward for finishing one in my "tougher" categories. I absolutely devoured this book. I probably should have read it in two sittings but I didn’t want to, so I stayed up late and finished it. It’s a little slow in the beginning but picks up the pace quickly. Definitely a page turner.
I got a Beauty and the Beast (TV series) vibe off of this book. The hotshot lady lawyer, the “monster” who watches over her from a distance, the balcony scenes, the underground tunnels. It’s all there.
I loved the flying scenes. They were beautiful and engaging. I also enjoyed the book’s discussion of racism.
My least favorite parts were the political negotiations between Daisani, Janx and Malik. I guess I’m still traumatized from LKH’s Anita Blake series. As I was reading those scenes I was pleading please, please don’t go there. Luckily, Murphy didn’t quite sink to that level and I hope that’s true of the rest of the series. I will definitely read the sequel.

Some language.
Fans of urban fantasy will enjoy it.

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