Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Big Sea (4/81)

The Big Sea, the autobiography of Langston Hughes, was published in 1940 when the author was thirty eight years old. The reader is introduced to various aspects of Mr. Hughes life which had a profound effect on his life: his worldwide travels to Africa, Italy, Haiti, Cuba and France, and especially his struggles as a writer. I particularly liked the tie in with the Harlem Renaissance era, an important period in African American history.
We also meet influential figures such as Alain Locke, Bessie Smith, and Josephine Baker to name a few. The Big Sea does not offer the reader too many personal details about the life of Langston Hughes, however it does provide wonderful insight into the stereotypes of blacks and the ability to overcome the many obstacles that he faced on the path to this ultimate success.
I love the quote from his postscript "Literature is a big sea full of many fish. I let down my nets and pulled. I'm still pulling".
Great book.

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VictoriaPL said...

You're right, that is an awesome quote!