Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Month to Live by Kerry & Chris Shook (5/81)

C2008 226pg 3.5stars

It is not uncommon for terminally ill people to change their lives in radical ways. The premise of this Christian self-help/study guide is that we don't need a fatal diagnosis to do the same.

I chose a Self-Improvement category for my challenge knowing that I struggle with non-fiction. And boy, did I struggle with this book. I started three other books in the middle of it. One of the reasons I think I had trouble connecting to it is that many of my high-priority goals cannot be achieved in thirty days. However, what this book did teach me is that I can change my attitude and outlook. This book is a good introspective tool and it's very motivational. A good read for January when people usually take stock of their lives anyway.

If you're looking for case studies of the terminally ill or for a checklist-based how-to book, this is not for you. I also wanted to mention that I didn't care for the bible translation that was used in the text. I guess I'm overly fond of the NIV.

favorite quotes:

We must live in the tipping point between the everyday and the eternal.

We didn’t lose our dreams. They’re simply buried in the very back of our freezers, where they’ve become brittle, with freezer burn and ice crystals corroding their sweetness. It doesn’t take long for the blizzards of life to freeze our dreams. Everyday life has a way of wearing down the dreams of our youth and deflating the hope of seeing them come to pass. We get frostbitten by the bitter cold of disappointment, delay and deferment.

A good bible study, especially for groups.

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