Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown (4/81)

C2007 404pages 5stars

Griff Burkett is an ex-NFL star who, upon being released from prison, is approached by business man Foster Speakman with an unusual proposal. Speakman, who is paraplegic due to a car accident, wants Burkett to impregnate his wife, Laura, the old-fashioned way. Laura is not thrilled with the idea but goes along with it out of her guilt over the accident, as she was driving the car. Burkett agrees to the plan out of desperation, he needs money and Speakman has offered a lot of it. But it isn't exactly easy street for Burkett. Detective Stanley Rodarte has stalked him since his release and is determined to settle some unfinished business.

I read Play Dirty for my Authors New to Me category. I can't remember who or what suggested Ms. Brown to me, but I'm impressed with her work. I was supposed to be reading another book first but this one kept calling to me from my library bag. I picked it up telling myself I would just read the first chapter, kind of like a dieter going for just one cookie. Four hours later I finished the last page. So, it definitely has something going for it. I think Ms. Brown is on her way to becoming one of my new guilty pleasures.
I've read other reviews that say the characters are 'cardboard' and also that there's no character development. I think that's a little harsh. I was pleased with the characterization and I do sense growth. No, this book is not fine literature but it is a fine thriller.

mild violence, some language, sexual situations.
I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys suspense or thrillers.

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