Sunday, January 11, 2009

2/81 - The Wooden Overcoat

The Wooden Overcoat  by Pamela Branch, new author category

This book started off kind of slow. Benjamin Cain was just acquitted of murder. He's adjusting to life outside of prison and thinking about what to do next when a stranger approaches and invites him to lunch at his club.

Cain enjoys his meal at the Asterisk Club until he learns that all the members there are also acquitted murderers - at least one charged with multiple murderers. He begins to wonder if the soup tasted a little off. 

His new friend finds him a room in a boarding house just next door to the club. After one night in the house, his new landlady discovers Cain - dead.

As I said, the book got off to a slow start, and I was almost ready to give in. Then it started getting interesting. Then not much later, it got funny. Then it got completely hilarious! In a dark way, all right, but still - hilarious. An unexpectedly great read.

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