Monday, January 19, 2009

The Undertaker's Widow by Philip Margolin (10/81)

State Senator Ellen Crease is accused of killing her husband, wealthy tycoon, Lamar Hoyt who got his start in the funeral parlor business. Ms. Crease is a cigar smoking no nonsense former cop who may or may not have been set up by her stepson Lamar Jr. or a political rival.
It turns out that Lamar Sr. had a mistress who he may have been leaving Ellen for.

All these events are bad enough, but then we learn that the judge who is presiding over the murder trial proceedings is struggling with issues of his morality not to mention his wife, who cannot understand why her husband would leave a prestigious law practice to become a judge.

There were a lot of twists in this story and I liked the fact that there were not an endless supply of characters to keep track of that I would have to go back and figure out who they are.

This is a good read, I recommend this author's books if you are a fan of the legal thriller/mystery genre.

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