Friday, January 16, 2009

Going Wrong by Ruth Rendell (9/81)

I have been on a Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine craze the last couple of months and this book was a late addition to my challenge in the Miscellaneous category.

Going Wrong is the story of Guy Curran's psychotic love for Leonora Chisolm. Once teenage sweethearts, Leonora is now engaged to another man and Guy is convinced that someone is Leonora's family has turned her against him. The question is who? Her mother Tessa, father Anthony, brother Robin, stepfather Magnus, stepmother Sussanah or her good friend Rachel? Various scenarios are played out in Guy's mind where he believes that each of the aforementioned people in Leonora's life are responsible and must pay with their life.

Unfortunately, the hit man that is contracted to carry out Guy's orders may kill the wrong person. This is a very good suspense novel with just enough plot twists and Guy's slow descent into alcohol induced madness .

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