Friday, February 20, 2009

Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast - 26/81

Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Jane Yolen for short story category.

Writer Jane Yolen is very versatile, and some of her things I've loved (Boots and the Seven Leaguers,Wizard Hall), some I've liked, (Armageddon Summer), and some were just okay (Girl in a Cage). But I grabbed this collection of short stories for my challenge knowing that I would be bound to like at least half the stories.

The title is a reference to Wonderland, and her first story is called "Tough Alice." That could be a theme too. Don't look for any helpless, passive girls here. Not all the stories feature a female protagonist, but when it does, Yolen does not spend her time writing about victims. My favorite story in the book was the last one, a neat little twist on Peter Pan. I can't say too much, or I would give the story away, but it was very clever and fun to read. A great book for young girls or their moms.

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