Sunday, February 15, 2009

Los Angeles without a Map by Richard Rayner (19/81)

Category: Non Fiction

This is a memoir of an Englishman who can't drive who moves to Los Angeles. I'm an English woman who also can't drive and is going on holiday to LA soon, so I thought this book might be good preparation! Richard Rayner, however, moved to LA on a whim having become obsessed with a wannabe actress/bunny girl he met on holiday - this is something I'm unlikely to do!

The Los Angeles he finds is one filled with crazy people, all determined to find fame and fortune in the film or music business, but filling their time and paying their rent doing mundane jobs. It is a typical "fish out of water" story, but highly enjoyable mainly due to Rayner's great way of describing the characters he meets.

Sometimes his actions are hard to comprehend, in particular I didn't really get a sense of what was so great about the woman, Barbara, who he'd become besotted with. Some of the things that happen also seem unbelievable and I wondered how much artistic license had been used to make a good story, but really that didn't matter as it was a good fun read.

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