Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Time for Goodbye - 21/81

No Time for Goodbye, by Linwood Barclay

Cynthia was a fairly bratty teenager who gave her parents a rough time now and then. But she wasn't prepared to wake up and find that her entire family - mom, dad, and older brother - have all disappeared. 

25 years later, Cynthia is married with a daughter of her own and she's still wondering what happened. Were they murdered? Why was she spared? Did they just leave? Why didn't they take her too? Are they still alive and looking for her?

When she decides to find some answers, strange things start happening - things that might just have some unpleasant consequences.

I enjoyed this book. It's called a 'surburban thriller' on the cover, and that's not a bad description. The most terrifying plot, to me, is the one that strikes very close to home. This one had me guessing. It's narrated by Cynthia's husband, and I think that made it even more suspenseful, since we couldn't get a look inside her head, but had to guess, like he did, on what she was really thinking. Some raw language in this one, more than I was comfortable with. But a solid plot that twists even at the very end.

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