Friday, February 6, 2009

The Last Knight by Hilari Bell (16/81)

The Last Knight by Hilari Bell
Category: YA/Children's

Michael, a knight errant about 200 years after it's a common thing to be, and Fish, his reluctant squire that's just waiting until he can get away from his insane master, free a lady from a tower only to find that she may be a murderess. In alternating chapters, Michael and Fisk tell the story of how they have to chase after her and redeem themselves. The plot is uneven and a little meandering at times, but Michael and Fisk's characters, their humor and being able to see each of them through their own words and in how the other sees him, makes up for this admirably.

Hilari Bell is one of my favorite young adult fantasy authors, and this story didn't disappoint. I loved Michael and Fisk as characters which made up for any flaws, and was rather disappointed when the story ended. 4.5 stars.

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