Sunday, February 15, 2009

Someone Like Me by Elaine Forresal (11/81)

Life is pretty normal for Tas, until Enya moves into the farm next door. Enya, with her mysterious Irish family, brings with her more than Tas could bargain for. The violence of the world she thought she had left behind catches up with her, and changes Tas's life forever.

Ok this is one that I class as HOMEWORK literally ... as my daughter is reading this book at the moment in her class and my hubby and I have been asked to come in and talk about the book as one of the main characters is from Northern Ireland.
It is quite an easy read and I read it in an afternoon it is told from Tas's perspective as a young boy.

I found I could relate to Enya as being brought up in Northern Ireland myself but it will be interesting to see the reactions and questions of my daughters class. It is sad to say that violence and looking over your shoulder was just every day of life for me growing up and you did get used to it. You just thought that this was life and everyone goes through the same things ... Which is not the case !!! ...

I am keen to talk to the kids to let them know that Northern Ireland is not all violence but that is a beautiful country with the most loving friendly people you can meet but does have its problems which other countries suffer with as well ...

It is an interesting book for young people and there is a nice wee twist at the end which does make you pause for thought

I rate this book 3 ***

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