Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There have been many reviews of this book already so I won't bore you with yet another. I will instead review my own reaction to the re-read of this book.
After absorbing numerous books which were written by authors to advise the reader how to find the answers that were hidden in the J K Rowling books about Harry Potter and his adventures, this book still held surprises for me.
I will admit that while I was reading this book, numerous times I heard in the back of head "Oh, yeah, that was the arithmancy , with the number 4" or "Hooray, the magical brethren are finally getting together with the wizards."
In addition, I saw themes that I didn't see the first time and wouldn't have seen the second without the guides that I read.
Probably overwhelmed by the climax the first time, there were sections in the book that I had completely forgotten, that answered so many outstanding questions.
In my opinion, J K Rowling should have a Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize and any other prize for literature that she can get. The Series is tremendous and so well-written. They are the books I would want with me if I were alone on a deserted island.

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