Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Faith of a Scientist - 38/81

The Faith of a Scientist by Dr. Henry Eyring, LDS books category

This was a very small book I had heard about and wanted to read for myself. Dr. Henry Eyring was a chemist and father of LDS Apostle Henry B. Eyring. The first chapter seems to be taken from a talk, but the rest are essays on various aspects of religion and science.

My favorite chapter was the one called 'The Six Worlds.' I really enjoyed the message. Eyring says we all live in 6 worlds - the subatomic world, the atomic world, the cellular world, the 'real world', the astronomical world, and the physical world. So we go from incredibly small to incredibly large, and every day, we are a part of each of these worlds. I liked the way that sort of put things into place for me.

This was a very quick read, but I recommend it for LDS readers or for those interested in the LDS view of science.

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