Sunday, March 1, 2009

Food Network Favorites - 40/81

Food Network Favorites, various chefs, for Cookbook/Food category

I used to love watching the Food Network, back when we had cable. Alton Brown and Rachael Ray were some of my favorites. And for drama, you can't beat Iron Chef or the Food Network Challenges. So I thought I would have fun with this cookbook.

Well, it was kind of fun, but honestly, there's only about 6-8 recipes in this book that I would make. The best ones are from the noted TV chef, Food Network Kitchens. That's right - the support staff. I think I will try making English muffins from Alton Brown's recipe. But most of the rest are so complicated or require weird ingredients that may be yummy, but are not available where I live. Lots of liquor and lots of coffee, neither of which I use. Lots of seafood too, which I don't enjoy but might be willing to try if there was a good source of fresh seafood nearby. There's not.

I'm not quite sure who this cookbook is for, but it is not for me.

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