Saturday, March 21, 2009

#41/81 LETHAL LEGACY by Linda Fairstein

This book, a further installment in the Alexandra Cooper series, centers around the New York City Public Library. A Conservator of rare books who is possibly sexually assaulted disappears after refusing to cooperate with an investigation. Alex's boss urges her to find the victim, Alex does just that but dead in the park.
The hunt that follows, leads Alex with her police comrades, Mike and Mercer, through the halls of the NY Public Library where a treasure hunt appears to be at the center of the murder. The investigation points to a special map of great historical significance. Anyone interested in in cartography and especially in the theft of maps from archives would be enthralled in this mystery.
Ms Fairstein focuses so much of story around the library and library procedures as well as the history of the NY Public Library. It was extremely enlightening for someone who loves to read but is not a librarian.
It was a delight to have this story with the characters we have grown to understand and care about show that even the quiet halls of the Public Library can turn deadly.

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