Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bone by Bone - Carol O'Connell (20/81)

Category: Favorite Author's Books I Haven't Read Before
C2008 340pages 5stars

Twenty years ago Oren Hobbs went into the woods with his brother, Josh, but came out alone. Now Josh has returned to the family's porch, bone by bone. The case is reopened, and so too are the wounds of the entire town. Will any of them be at peace when the facts are known?

It is intricate and compelling, as expected from O'Connell. She proves again that she knows how to work the scene; she knows exactly how to twist the knife. This is small-town drama at it's best, along the lines of her other works Judas Child and Stone Angel.

I have never been timid about my fangirl crush on Carol O'Connell. I think I've personally recommended her to at least a third of the members on LT. So why do I enjoy her work so much? I think it's the way her characters are connected and the details of those relationships. Some are so poignant and others sharp and edgy. My heart is bleeding and I'm high on adrenaline all at the same time. More please.

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