Wednesday, April 29, 2009

James Herriot's Dog Stories - 75/81

James Herriot's Dog Stories, by James Herriot, audiobook category

I have been a fan of James Herriot for years. I read the whole series. And I loved the series 'All Creatures Great and Small,' which I thought exactly captured the things I loved best about the books. The casting of Tristan in particular was brilliant! This audiobook features Christopher Timothy, who played James Herriot in the TV series, as the reader. He does a great job as reader and in getting the various accents just right.

This is a rather brief book, but captures some of my favorite stories from the series, including Tricki Woo, the spoiled Pekinese and his quite nice delusional mistress, who regularly speaks with - and hears replies from - her beloved pet. I also loved the story about the poor dog rescued from a terrible life of neglect and about Herriot's own dogs.

If you are a fan of the series, I think you would really enjoy the audio version. It had me laughing away as I was listening and got my kids listening too. Their clear favorite was Tricki Woo, and they were anxious to see what goofy thing would happen next. Lots of fun!

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