Friday, April 17, 2009

#45/81 MOVING IS MURDER by Sara Rosett

Ellie Avery is a military wife. She has moved 4 times in the last 5 years but this time it's different. Elie is an organizer but it isn't as easy as it was all the other times because this move involves buying a house and a new baby. Arriving in their new town during a record heat wave, little Livvy makes Ellie wonder if she'll ever manage to get unpacked let alone settled.Ellie meets her fellow Air Force wives at the first Spouse function and senses a little tension among some of the spouses. Later after her first base function, Ellie comes upon one of the other wives, dead in a ditch. Trying to help the mourning husband, Ellie offers to take over the duties of organizing the upcoming garage sale, and this is what leads to enumerable clues and murder attempts as Ellie unravels all the clues that she finds.One really cozy concept appearing in this book are Ellie's tips on how to make your move better organized and hassle free.

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