Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the Woods by Tana French (33/81)

category: Authors That Are New To Me
C2008 464 pages 3stars

In a nutshell... underwhelming.
Being an Edgar award-winner and having solid reviews, I had my hopes up for this book but it let me down. I didn't like the protagonist at all. In fact, I didn't find myself attached to any of the main characters. They were wooden. Not cardboard, they did have substance, it was just... stiff, contrived. Also, I figured out the Big Bad early on and it seemed to take forever for the detectives to catch up. So I found myself a little annoyed, wondering how many pages French was going to chew up getting to the point. But my main complaint (and this might be a SPOILER, so continue reading at your own risk) is that French does not provide all the answers. There are two murder mysteries in this novel and only one is solved conclusively. I'm not sure if I'll read the sequel or not, I'm ready to wash my hands of French and move on.

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