Friday, June 19, 2009

Among the Mad

I picked up Among the Mad by Jacqueline Winspear from the library. I love all the Maisie Dobbs mysteries and own 3 of them. When this one goes on the discount rack at B&N I’ll pick it up too.

This one continues the story of Maisie’s life and her independent career. I love the period authenticity of the book. And the time of the depression and recovery from WWI in England was such a tough time. This book spoke to the general issues with people experiencing shell-shock and other issues of the mind, which weren’t visible and weren’t understood. One man in particular, with very extensive knowledge of chemistry, begins a campaign to get the government to pay attention to and help those with no hope, the ones with no pension because they were discharged and considered not wounded or at least able to get a job (but they weren’t) and with no family to return to (or family that wouldn’t take them back when they came back from the war damaged).

Again – very well written, very informative about the time in history, and a good story.

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