Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've left the blog pretty much blank on purpose. We can change the colors and text, add functionality and widgets, etc. Leave a comment with your suggestions!

If you'd like to write a post, leave your email address in a private msg on my LT page and I will add you as an author.

edited to add: right now I have it set so that commenters cannot be anonymous. I can change this if the majority wants it changed.


tututhefirst said...

Victoria, many thanks for getting us started. This challenge is a huge undertaking for many of us. I probably read over 100 books a year, but have never tracked them well before, have never formally reviewed them, never made conscious decisions about grouping them. Life has been a series of "Gee, that looks good: maybe I'll read that." Meantime, the pile of tbr's continues to grow.

I'm looking forward to using this blog to be able to have one place where we can drop a comment about what we're reading, what we've just discovered, what is NOT going to get finished because it's not turning out to be something we thought it would be. Let's face it, life is too short to waste time on bad books. I gave up being a member of the 'clean the plate club' years ago, and have finally started applying that philosophy to books.

How about it out there 999ers? Anybody got any recommendations, requests for info, etc. let's make this the central gathering place after we post our lists.

Katie said...

Thank you so much for creating this blog! Now I can't wait until 2009 :)

(btw, this is fasciknitting)

gaijinmama said...

I missed 888 in 2008 but I am determined to give 999 a go.
My TBR stacks are taking over the house, drastic measures are called for!!

Quenby (GaijinMama at Librarything)

Grilsgood said...

This sounds like fun. This year I am on book 265, expect to hit 300 this year.

JustJim said...

Just checking in so you know I'm here. This looks like it will be fun, I can't wait to start. Although, every book I start this month will make me think "Should I put this off until 2009?"

Thanks for getting the blog up and running, Victoria.

Cindy B said...

Victoria - I want to add my vote to the many out there thanking you for your work in getting this up and running. I am SOOOOO looking forward to this! I loved doing the 888 challenge and this is going to be even more fun, I think, because of the blog!

CCDPiper said...

Okay, I made my ticker and have started on my 9 category lists. I really wanted to try the 888 Challenge but chickened out. I'm looking forward to giving the 999 my best shot.

Book Blogger said...

I'm not actually on Library Thing, but I did this year start a book blog where I'll be keeping track of my reading.

Just wanted to drop a line that I am participating in the challenge.