Monday, May 11, 2009

The Host by Stephenie Meyer (27/81)

In this tantalizing SF thriller, planet-hopping parasites are inserting their silvery centipede selves into human brains, curing cancer, eliminating war and turning Earth into paradise. But some people want Earth back, warts and all, especially Melanie Stryder, who refuses to surrender, even after being captured in Chicago and becoming a host for a soul called Wanderer. Melanie uses her surviving brain cells to persuade Wanderer to help search for her loved ones in the Arizona desert. When the pair find Melanie's brother and her boyfriend in a hidden rebel cell led by her uncle, Wanderer is at first hated. Once the rebels accept Wanderer, whom they dub Wanda, Wanda's whole perspective on humanity changes. While the straightforward narrative is short on detail about the invasion and its stunning aftermath, it shines with romantic intrigue, especially when a love triangle (or quadrangle?!) develops for Wanda/Melanie.

This is Stephenie Meyer's Adult book about Aliens coming to our planet Earth and turning us into their hosts !!! .... It is a big book with over 600 pages but I have to say I loved it !!!

I did find it abit slow to start off with but then it just started to flow better !! ... I does rise some questions as to the lengths you would go to in order to save your friends and family from being HOSTs ... The relationship between Wanda and Melanie is very well done.

There is abit of violence in this book which probably is the reason for it being an Adult book but nothing too graphic ... It mostly deals with peoples emotions and how they re-act to having an Alien in their company .... If you are into Aliens and Fantasy then you are going to love this book ... And the way that it has been left there is the possibility of another book ....

There my not be any Vampires in this book but there is still Adventure, Romance and abit of Aliens thrown in for good luck ...

I rate this book 4 1/2 ****

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